An innovative approach to IT training using e-tutorials rather than traditional user manuals. From the simple “how do I?” to documentation of non-routine tasks and more complex work instructions we can provide an ExplainIT e-tutorial to meet your needs.
We can produce e-tutorials for any of your business applications regardless of size or complexity from accounts packages such as Sage to ERP solutions such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Designed in partnership with you, each e-tutorial comprises of a real life video demonstration of the application in use, together with a detailed explanation of the task and can include references to your policies and procedures where applicable. This means that each tutorial is tailored to your exact needs to ensure that the finished result is specific to your business.
ExplainIT allows users to see exactly how the application should be used. Tutorials can be paused, re-wound and fast forwarded for ease of use and can be used on the job by the individual to maximise learning potential, build user confidence and underpin knowledge retention.

ExplainIT training tutorials can be used for:

  • Building a knowledge base within your organisation

  • Replacing paper based work instructions with easy to use media files

  • Documenting non routine and periodic tasks

  • Delivering task specific training such as examples of how a particular spreadsheet or report is prepared

  • Systems implementations and or upgrades

  • Documenting key tasks critical for holiday cover or where a temporary worker is used

  • Documenting key infrastructure administration and maintenance activities such as system backups and user management related tasks

  • Creation of induction tutorials

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