In this highly dynamic business environment, process improvement is a way to excel in business. Provision of a ModelIT business model delivers benefits through:

  • Identification of process improvement opportunities and driving out process issues.

  • Visualisation of your process, providing the platform to agree current process and build consensus for process alignment, improvement and change.

  • Managing change, from demonstrating the impact of process change to providing a framework to govern proposed process changes.

  • Building a complete knowledge base for your organisation to maximise day to day running of your business and provide an excellent training tool.

ModelIT provides you with a powerful collaboration tool, grouping together process, policy, procedure and work instruction in one location. The model is HTML based allowing maximum exposure of your process information to a wide audience of people.

We will work with you to produce your fully interactive business model including provision of:

  • Issues and Opportunities Documentation

  • Process Health Check Report

  • Process Recommendations Report.

Whatever your business focus, we will build the model to suit your requirements, simply choose the model features which are important to you.

Features the model can include:

  • Process linkage with drill down functionality to sub processes

  • Links to detailed work instructions, policies and procedures

  • Identification of process control points

  • Links to key reports

  • Identification of critical process communications

  • Identification of process and task owners and responsibilities

  • Identification of business applications used

  • Links to Health and Safety and or Quality Management documentation

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